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    Another dog...again


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    Another dog...again

    Post  DearWife on Sat 31 Aug 2013, 9:16 pm

    So yesterday afternoon, we see this dog wandering in the street.  It is running around across the street, and a little guy.  We were worrying about all the traffic.  We saw him up to the point where he walked down the street towards more busy traffic.  

    I went on back to my studies, and maybe a couple hours or so, I cannot tell, the next thing you know, I hear, "What the hell?"  Thinking something happened I rush out to my husband.  I look out, and see, it's the little brown dog from earlier.  My dogs saved him by inviting him into our yard.  Worrying about the traffic again, I ask my husband if we can keep him.

    He was rather small and when he first saw me, he was very happy.  I then gather the dogs to the back, and just see how happy he is just to be with us.  We eventually got him to go into the cage where he stayed till evening.  From there, I went back into study but wondered what I should name him.  Out of nowhere, the name Rutherford came to me.  Never hearing this name before, I look the name up, and the name is associated to a New Zealand scientist known as the father of nuclear science.

    So I started naming him that.   When evening came, my husband said we could not keep him, so he shooed him away.  I worried because there was still a considerable amount of traffic out, even asking for an angel to come and protect him.

    Then a little later, I look out the window...and see a little brown figure.  I said, "Rutherford!  He's back!"  And so I went outside to just keep him from running back out the gate.  He stays with me and a little while my husband comes back.  He tried a second and third time to shoo him away, with no success.  So he stayed the night but this morning, he was no where in sight.  Hoping the angel I prayed for came and picked him up.


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