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    DAC in Oakland ?


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    DAC in Oakland ?

    Post  beejean on Sun 25 Aug 2013, 6:58 pm

    DAC to be set up in Oakland ?

    DAC = Domain Awareness Center.

    Found the article about Oakland, CA in an UK web reporting site "The Guardian."

    They polled their readers to get comments on it.  Full article here:

    Kayla Epstein, The Guardian wrote:A few days ago, we told our readers about Oakland, California's recent decision to launch a high-tech surveillance program known as the Domain Awareness Center (DAC) using $2.2m in federal funds in an attempt to curb a rising crime rate. As Ali Winston wrote in the Center for Investigative Reporting, the DAC would:

       … Integrate computer dispatch systems for the Oakland police and fire departments, gunshot detection microphones and license-plate readers. It includes use of crime mapping software and stationary video cameras, private alarm detection programs, Twitter feeds, news feeds and other alerts for increased "situational awareness" and "more effective incident response.

    Proponents of the DAC say it will help law enforcement and rescue workers respond better to emergencies like earthquakes, but Oakland residents and privacy advocates have serious concerns about the plan, saying it sacrifices far too many civil liberties in the name of curbing criminal activity.
    I find the Terminology "Domain Awareness Center" to be infuriating.  Yes, it seems that people are "Aware" there is a crime problem, but watching the crime is not going to translate into solutions.   DAC is futile if the whole city has to continually bring outside staff from neighboring places to address the capture and sentencing - the victims of the crimes are not getting the help they need all the while.  The camera catches it when the deed is being done, and the victims have the bruises to show.

    Anyway, there are lots of comments plastered on the Guardian website.  First, we get an indication that the Australians think America's too dangerous a place to visit, and now we see that the locals are sensing it's too dangerous a place to live in.

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    Re: DAC in Oakland ?

    Post  DearWife on Tue 10 Sep 2013, 5:05 am

    Hi beejean.  I just noticed your post here.  

    The surveilance sytem is in effect, and so is the gunshot detection microphones, there are some license plate readers as well on certain streets.  I visit the crime mapping website at times, and the twitter feed is active.  

    There was a local story of a young man getting shot when he was in a fender bender, and was going to exchange information.  He was fatally shot.  The cameras caught the crime, and the vehicle, but due to lack of investigators, it's on back log.  There is an award for information on his death, but his death is amoung so many who have been innocently shot.  I may have posted, I don't remember but a woman who was in her car with a clients dog was fatally shot in the head.  She was a dog lover.  This local (me), I do not want to be here any longer, but what can I do?  After seeing the mother of the young man's story, I really wanted to see if I could help at the OPD, because the city council stated they will be hiring civilians to help with the investigation unit.  But my husband will not let me, due to the history of corruption of police there.  

    Here is the video w/story:

    Story on the 66 year old woman:

    Thank-you for posting.

    Adding, and yes, outside sources are helping, Alameda county sheriff and even highway patrol.  But due to one of the Sheriff's having an encounter and injury, Oakland didn't want to pay for his bills, and now the sheriff's office, from what I last heard was not going to contract with Oakland again.  Last time we got into a hit and run, it took till 1am for police to come out, of course by then we were home by then, but it happened around 3:15 in the afternoon.  He apologized to us, because there just isn't much staff, he was a very nice fellow.  The lady who hit us, cursed us out, then rage quit and drove off.  At least we didn't get hit by a DUI driver like our neighbor did, his truck was totalled.

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