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    The old woman and the German shepard


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    The old woman and the German shepard

    Post  DearWife on Tue 30 Jul 2013, 7:10 am

    So I'm lifting my weights when all a sudden I hear a commotion of our dogs outside.  Both are going ballistic and we look to see what is happening outside the window.  The other dog across the street is rilled up as well.  We figured it must be another dog running loose.  And I continue to look out the window, and I see the old woman who sits in her car across the street, going up our street driving slowing.  She is driving the wrong way as our street is one way.  I say to my husband, “It's the old woman who sits in the car across the street, that's her dog!”  I watch as she slowly does a U-turn.  Thankfully, not many cars are on the road this evening.  So as she is turning, we hear her honk her horn.  

    I look down, and my dogs are running back and forth, as I see the shadow of the German Shepard pacing along with our dogs.  The woman again honks her horn.  As she continues her turning, the front end tire of her vehicle has bounced off the sidewalk.  She continues to honk again, then drives a little fast to the spot under the tree across the street.  The dog runs across the street.  The old woman gets out the car to capture her dog who is springing back and forth in joy.  For the dog is always inside the car with her every time I see her.  

    And so, she finally captures the dog, and she shoves the dog into the car.  She stayed a bit, then drove off again.  I worried as she got out the vehicle at first because a car was coming along a little fast.  But this old woman, sits in her car for hours on end with the dog inside.  I have seen her on the phone with someone, but she has to be in her 70's or so.  Inside her car, she also has what look to be her belongings.  I am only assuming she lives in the car, and depends on the dog for her protection.

    Just remember, if you are a caregiver, or taking care of your elders, just remember even though you may be stressed, there are some folks to remind you, like this elderly lady, who live on the streets or in their vehicles with no one to care for them.  At least your loved one has a roof over their heads, and so do you.  Many men and women I see homeless, and pushing carts and baby carriages full with garbage in them down the street on a daily basis.  Be thankful for your ranches, your chickens, your horses, pigs and your cows, be thankful for your jobs, your homes, your bicycle rides, and the clothes upon your back.  And over all, be thankful and give praise to your father in heaven, for it is he who provides you with your sustenance, and gives you the very breath of life that you breath.

    “Two things I require of thee, that thou will not deny me before I die. Remove from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches, only grant me a necessary living. Lest I be so full, I deny thee, and say: What fellow is the Lord? And lest I being constrained through poverty, fall unto stealing, and foreswear the name of my God. Accuse not a servant unto his master, lest he speak evil of thee also, and thou be hurt. He that bringeth up an evil report upon the generation of his father and mother, is not worthy to be commended.” Found in Proverbs 30 - Tyndale Translation

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