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    health care workers Affordable


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    health care workers Affordable Empty health care workers Affordable

    Post  beejean on Wed 24 Jul 2013, 10:52 pm

    Health Care Workers during the Affordable Health Care Act Implementation are finding Change

    We all remember the "Change we Can Believe In"
    Now that the Senate is set to split in two about the Individual Mandates, and due to the lack of having the "Healthcare Exchanges" ready there is not much choice about keeping your insurer....

    I think the Healthcare providers in this country have just about thrown up their hands in dismay. There was an affordable care Act, then there was change to it, and another change to it, and the revocation of the business workers insurance mandate, and now... well many of the changes are getting "ex'd" that seems certain. How to even cover your operating costs when the government with all its money can not even keep their state employees covered under the plan ? I hope the doctors and nurses are able to get bargain insurance plans through their work... otherwise the whole system will be at a halt in January .

    If anyone finds out when the Senate will decide about nullifying the IRS forms we have to fill out, the IRS tax charges for not participating, and the whole stream of reporting fines and requirements for the healthcare providers... then let me know.

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