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    Alpine xieshan village


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    Alpine xieshan village Empty Alpine xieshan village

    Post  beejean on Fri 19 Jul 2013, 10:47 am

    Alpine village with double ribbed gable roofed Xieshan buildings

    I dreamt I was in an alpine area of China.  There were lots of houses, and the one I was in, that had double-ribbed gable roofs in xieshan style, and these featured a larger bedroom with multiple cots for sleeping in them.  My friend from college (here) was there also.  We were frantically looking for a new building to re-locate to because there was such ground instability happening that the entire village was being rivuleted with big sinkholes and it was evident that the ground was not stable.  Then one morning, I was walking down a street and a sink hole opened behind me.  I knew that it was quite possible that another would open fast so I started moving quickly to get out of there but one opened at my feet and then where I was standing sank.  I landed on a grayish white flat-topped hard rock like a feldspar dolomite mix -- I jumped an impossible height to get onto an adjacent "rock platform" and then scrambled up an unsteady wall of earth with crumbled marlstone and sandy soil.  EOD

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