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    Euro Shortages


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    Euro Shortages

    Post  beejean on Sat 13 Jul 2013, 2:30 am

    Euro Shortages

    I am seeing within trend reporters' financial commentaries - certain information suggesting strongly that the major countries participating in the Euro currencies are sustaining high economic pressures to try to promote growth in demand for their products while buying throughout the region has been curtailed.  Many European companies seem to have hit a downtown for the past 6 months of activity that seems to be clipping their growth forecasts for the second half of this year  (I reach this conclusion based on a number of economic outlook overviews I have been reading in the past week.)

    In addition, the nations within the financial structure governed by the ECB are all experiencing highly restless agitation from the population who are living according to the governmental rules because the cash liquidity reductions do not enable them to buy new things, while they struggle to meet the required taxes and fees for support of their local government city services.

    Did the strict reluctance to print more money cause a lop-sided unavailability of Euros to pay in trade for Goods that Europe imports from the Far East?  Has the concession to bringing in clothing from the far east reduced the stock the merchandisers carry in Europe now that
    fewer have money to spend?

    The European banks have less capital than the U.S. banks because the European banks did not allow a currency printing frenzy and have made bail out money harder to qualify for.  Recent opinions of financial analysts have strongly suggested that delaying a new round of stress tests of major European banks will be prudent because the banks need time to get their balance sheets looking better, and the media opinions do little to stem worries of the people about the availability of their Money.

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