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    Egypt US deployment Reduced


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    Egypt US deployment Reduced

    Post  beejean on Sun 30 Jun 2013, 5:15 pm

    Egypt US deployment Reduced

    Instead of 1000 troops going to Egypt for riot control, latest articles show "400+" to be deployed and all placed into MFO controlled by an Italian leader.

    Thanks for praying about this issue !

    In a Press Release, the U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division confirmed that a battalion “task force” from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team would indeed be heading to the Sinai this summer to participate in the international “peacekeeping force.” According to the statement, the more than 400 troops will be based on the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula, near Sharm-el-Sheikh, manning “observation posts” and checkpoints along the southeast coast.

    Egyptian officials, meanwhile, were quick to downplay the American deployment. "The 400 U.S. soldiers coming to Egypt as mentioned in the media are part of the periodical renewal routine for the U.S. faction of the 13-state multinational force deployed in Sinai since the peace treaty. They are not armed with military operations gear," Egyptian military spokesman Ahmed Ali was quoted as saying. "We are providing this clarification as we respect the right of the great Egyptian people to know the truth from its original sources and to prevent distortion of information by any instigators."    

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