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    egypt gets US Troops


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    egypt gets US Troops

    Post  beejean on Sat 22 Jun 2013, 2:59 pm

    Egypt gets US Troops

    In a move that seems like an Executive branch State Department being overtopped by several influential people with concerns about trying to set up the "correct" Mahdi, there are now troops who are specially trained in riot control being prepared to be sent into Egypt.  Cairo Egypt in particular.  What fools we - the American people- when thinking that there ever "is" a "correct" Mahdi to bring in the doom and gloom that awaits us when a global jihadist leader arises.

    Of course we should not be surprised because State's head John Kerry, who is by no means Irish, would easily be overtopped by Valerie Jarrett (born in Shiraz, Iran) or anyone else for that matter who is set to voice in on Middle Eastern affairs.

    You should recall that Kerry personally delivered a check, expressly against Congressional laws preventing such a distribution of over $1 billion to Egypt's Mursi.  And you might recall also the disdain with which Mursi received the check which was presented in Kerry's boho style, after all being from Boston he does not clean up as well as someone who's not a Boston windsurfer.  Anyway, after all that money left the taxpayer coffers for Mursi's coffers, who could be surprised that the Executive Branch now seeks to stage manage a mere 1000 US troops to protect that investment.  What Idiocy !   Unless, of course, it is a stage-managed flash point placement of 1000 martyrs.  PRAY FOR THE TROOPS which are training to deploy for that area.  Certainly, Kerry is not dim-witted, but PRECISELY what is he protecting one does wonder.  It is obvious that Iran has thrown in its interests with the Syrian government because Russia is all over the region backing both Iran and Syria.  Now Russia has installed so many troops that the Egyptians can hardly serve as a bulwark against the Mahdi that will probably emerge from the Iranian or Syrian quarter.  And with no USA checks involved, mind you.  The game in the Middle East for the US and Britain has been recently check-mated by the heavy investment of Russian assets right into the region.  When Russia set up the Conferences of the Oil Exporting Countries of the Middle East, Caspian and Asia, the USA was virtually nodding off with lame policy makers who were choosing to show muscle in Afghanistan and  embargoing Iran (Iran who holds the second-largest oil deposits in the globe.)

    See the article at:

    SO I urge anyone reading to PRAY ALSO for the STAND DOWN of the USA - we don't want to send Staffing for riot patrols of Cairo, so preventing the idiotic move of placing a few 1000 men from the USA into the Cairo area.  It is either a move to gain US sentiment for saving and rescuing these ill-used riot trained soldiers, or a too-little too late folly of State.

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