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    Post  beejean on Mon 10 Jun 2013, 2:59 am

    Political Intolerance

    The prediction of Political Intolerance
    is a known condition of life in these United States, you say?

    I could hardly disagree.

    But, the actions that follow upon the intolerance begin to put the level of significance on to the condition of intolerance. I define it as having an increase in the number of people feeling a simmering angry intolerant attitude about the unfair conditions which affect them.

    At one time, there was a slow-down in people displaying intolerance. Back then in the 80's, showing some intolerance of folks who behaved differently, believed differently, and perhaps spoke differently, was not enough to create physical harm to these folks that were not from a cookie-cutter mold, or close to appearing the same as the average people where they happen to live.

    Now, more than just a few are facing bad financial news that makes the rift between the groups of people more pronounced than last year. People who strongly argue that there has begun a pattern of growing unfairness, view a disruption as necessary to call attention to the unspoken imbalances that are contributing to a large disparity in lifestyles for people in their area.

    My prediction is that I think the everyday news is going to get worse than it was in 2012 during the warm months of 2013, because the economic cost of living pressures are going to be raising the stress of many people who are trying to make ends meet. This is the type of stress that will reduce the civility of behavior in general.

    So goes my prediction about what will happen this year, because I see many reductions in the services and support that people in general can obtain from any sources - health clinics, food assistance, heat assistance, and disability supportive services. I hope it does not happen but I find myself thinking it's likely.

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