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    5025 - in the future


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    5025 - in the future Empty 5025 - in the future

    Post  DearWife on Sun 02 Jun 2013, 4:08 am

    Within this dream, I’m at a gathering of people who were in a kind of courtyard next to a street. Some older guy maybe in his 50’s and driving in a faded yellow 80’s car, tried to talk to me, but I kept on walking. My son was with me, but I saw he had bright yellow hair. He created an invention that changed the color of hair, as though with electrons. When the other kids his age saw it, and other people saw his bright yellow hair, they wondered about it and asked him how he did it. He could change his color of his hair to whatever color he wanted.

    Then, in another scene, I’m walking with my husband upon some road. I know I’m still in Oakland, but the place changed. I’m in the hills somewhere and see a trail and decide to walk that way until I got to a ridge, and looked and saw that the trail was very steep. When I saw this, I stepped back and said, Whoa! I’m not going down there. I could see below in the distance, and there are these small American flags waving at what looked like a Veteran’s memorial grave site. Some flags even looked like they began to float like balloons. From this perspective, it was like I went down to the waters that were to the left of me, and saw this large brown rabbit head, from a costume, floating in the water. It was as if someone let it go because it was no longer needed.

    From here, I was now in some kind of building. A young woman was inside who worked there, and she was over the maps. The map that I saw was upon the wall was that of America, but the borders had changed, and there were different colors that marked different boundaries. I no longer saw the state borders that we have today. When I went to look for the date of the map, I only could see the number 5025.

    And I began to talk with others, and the woman who was over the maps wanted to flee from this place, and so she left. I talked to these two women who were older, but the woman who sat in front of me was older than the woman on my left. These were sitting at a table with me and I asked questions about what was going on in their time, like who the latest singers were, the movies, and so on. None of the names were familiar to me. I was in the future.

    I asked the woman in front of me of the past, and she said that there were lots of earthquakes. I asked her about Oakland, and she said that a great ridge rose up, there was a name but I cannot remember it now, only the word West. Now as we talked, a voice came from a room to the right of me, I saw a man who wore business attire but without the suit jacket. He wore a white long sleeved shirt and gray slacks. He was a white man with light brown hair, which hair was like that of John Edwards. He said something to the woman, as though to question me, he had his hand on his face like those do when they are thinking, but I only saw him partially then he sat back. When the man asked the question, I spoke up, saying and telling, “have you not heard? I am a judge”. That is when I was told that this place I was in, was that of the White house. And the man that I saw, was as though the president of the future.

    And these scriptures have come to remembrance: “How dare one of you having business with another, go to law under the wicked, and not rather under the saints? Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? If the world shall be judged by you: are ye not good enough to judge small trifles: know ye not how that we shall judge the angels? How much more may we judge things that pertain to the life? If ye have judgements of worldly matters, take them which are despised in the congregation, and make them judges. This I say to your shame. Is there utterly no wise man among you? What not one at all, that can judge between brother and brother, but one brother goeth to law with another: and that under the unbelievers?” 1 Corinthians 6

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