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    Stockton Mayor Adopts Medieval Armor


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    Stockton Mayor Adopts Medieval Armor

    Post  beejean on Sun 19 May 2013, 2:16 pm

    Stockton Mayor Adopts Medieval Armor

    Halberks, armor, and maces ... oh, my.

    I think the Capital One viking ads have had their impact on the gestalt of the home security discussions.... what think you?

    This means war: Stockton, Calif. Mayor Anthony Silva donned a knight’s helmet and brandished a spiked mace to argue for a new sales tax to pay for 100 more police officers.

    Silva busted out the combat gear to garner support for the Marshall Plan, a divisive 0.5% sales tax, which is intended to provide the bankrupt and crime-ridden city with 100 more police officers.

    California already has a statewide sales tax of 7.5%.


    He urged the crowd to leave their egos at the door to enable a fruitful discussion on how to throw criminals in the dungeon, making the streets as clean as his armor.

    Read more:

    Prithee, withal, given the budget trauma of the realm -- I think personal security measures might be more advisable. That extra tax may not translate to extra safety -- at least judging from the performance of Stockton in providing essential functions over the past few years.

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