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    Post  beejean on Wed 15 May 2013, 1:31 am

    Today we continue to suffer through the National Travesty that General "un-Attorney," Eric Holder, and Prescient of Executive Privilege, Barry Sotoero , have foisted on many in the nation through intentional malfeasance.

    The IRS Having been the first Agency of Choice for imposing the limitation of personal freedom on those who really had desired that freedom the most (the T-Par_t). As the week's news cycle gains more steam, we note today that besides trampling on our hopes to retain freedom of speech, and equality in opportunity and justice for all, the present U.S. Executive Branch has found methods via the IRS to impose unjust and unequal enforcement of laws by causing that agency to only examine the records of those who disagree with him. Yes, folks, he has sent out the Enforcement Agency of the IRS to harass and subpoena records -- while turning some of these records over to the careful ministrations of the politcal activist George Soros for further actions. George is always looking for a good way to destabilize the markets by tilting them in his favor, and investments of stable companies probably seem like a good field of dreams for him to possibly profit from inside knowledge with.

    And, to wreck the first Amendment, now the Associated Press (AP) has observed, documented, and complained, that Barry Soetoro's agents of unjust enforcement were tasked to gather and secretly examine all AP's phone records and witnesses and story lines well before the news editors could get these materials that the AP was trying to disseminate. Agents out there: Why succumb to the requests of Barry Soetoro any more? What kind of injustice has he sown throughout the land because of this spying, intimidation, and distortions of the events that occur during his Presidency.

    The Forum man of misrule, Eldawin, has tried to sow a number of malware links into this chat board. Do you think it's just too bad that he works for such an organization as the national association of those who are paid by the electronic propagandists, hired by strategists working for Barry Sotoero, to seed dissension when a forum might have added an unflattering comment painted to reveal the actions of said person.

    We still are hopefully and patiently marking off the days on our wall calendar until January 25 2018 so that we can get some respite from the fakery of repeated scornful grimaces on television news, and the mockery of justice we watch every day.

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