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    Capture Scene Boston

    Post  beejean on Sat 20 Apr 2013, 1:55 am

    Capture Scene

    My thoughts on the events of the past couple hours in the Boston area:
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, brother of a Caucasus man who (reportedly) had trained in Chechen agressive confrontational violence tactics, was collected out of a small 18 ft boat that had been wrapped for storage in the city of Watertown Massachusetts 10 minutes ago.

    Saudi Student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, tackled on Monday April 15th at the site of the bombing at the Boston marathon, and now deported due to his alleged "criminal activity" in the city of Revere Massachusetts in the United States leaves us with the lingering realization that it is a tough transition to make, to come to an America with the confusing social regulations and proprieties, different from the atmosphere in Saudi Arabia, in Chechnya in the Causcasus... Another example of the dark side of immigration of the culturally disenfranchised group who is bound to be challenged by the difficult atmosphere of the divergent sphere of beliefs and values that comprise the daily manner of the people in this area.

    I continue to have concerns about the presence of the people in the Boston area who have taken up arms against the peaceful people of the Eastern USA, and this isn't solved. Saudi Wahhabi influences on the young men who gather together and use this violence as an outlet for their considerable frustrations. Having social problems and licentiousness in common behaviors of the youth here puts the spotlight on the society here but it brings forth a snapshot of a lack of grace. Can we drown the siren song of temptation to find "brothers" who will fill the vacuum of clan contacts with the greed and hate of the bad actors they meet.
    Information from the above link is shown below, and provides a snippet of the history of the miserable violence that has spread throughout the region of the Caucasus from the heavily violent groups that range throughout that region. It will probably come out later who has turned these young men to the use of arms in order to perpetrate their destructive rage against the cultural expressions of the USA.

    Here are the excerpts from the article at the link - By the way, this link has a synopsis account of the long terrorist history that has disrupted the lives of the people in the Chechnya vicinity. I can recall most of the news in the list from international news reports but I did not go through the consolidated history excerpts at the top of the page so I can't vouch for the appropriateness of accuracy of that content.
    The Saudi Arabian national who was deported, it turns out, "seemed" like he probably traveled in different circles from these two brothers, but the events tonight do not mean that the Boston area is now clear and free of this shadow of these bombers and criminals.

    May, 2004. Assassination of Chechen President Akhmed Kadyrov (former Mufti of Chechnya, representing traditional Chechen Sufi Islam).

    Aug. 2004. Suicide bomber kills 10 in Moscow subway. Basayev (Al Qaeda) claims attack.

    Sept. 2004 Beslan School, in Russian province of Ossetia, hijacked by Suicide bombers. Basayev (Al Qaeda) claim act. Over 350 killed, mosly children. Arab terrorists involved.
    Ex-President Maskhadov denies any involvement of his Chechen rebels and says that Basayev should be brought to trial for the Beslan atrocities.
    Putin accuses both Basayev and Maskhadov and places 10 million dollar bounty on their heads.
    More Russian troops are sent to oppress Chechen civilians and rebels.
    Caught between Putin’s army and Basayev’s Wahhabi radicals, Chechen hopes for national independence and sovereignty are fading.

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