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    Psychic energy showing up


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    Psychic energy showing up

    Post  OregonGuy on Tue 16 Apr 2013, 4:25 am

    I wanted to comment about the number of 'psychicly' active people I've have encountered recently, in the last 3 weeks. By psychic I mean spontaneous spoken comment by the person about something I was only thinking about. Subject matter being unrelated to what was happening in the immediate environment. This has happened about 4 times now. I merely say "what did you say?" in response to the person. They repeat and I am in disbelief. I generalize about the subject matter they brought up and just let it go. Why let it go? Because these are somewhat mentally disabled people that I help in the course of my job. The last person who my plucked a thought from my brain so to speak was actively using some techniques I encountered from classes in building one's own latent psychic abilities. I think the guy was doing it naturaly never having taken a class in the technique.

    Just thought I'd share this experience. I think everyone is becoming more aware, even those we least suspect.

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