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    Post  beejean on Mon 15 Apr 2013, 11:47 pm

    Boston Patriots Day April 15, 2013

    After having arisen at 4 a.m. this morning to go out and see a Patriot's Day event in Lexington Massachusetts, I was surprised to be sitting here in the house later in the afternoon and find I could not connect to the Boston Herald website -- and then checking on the website of the NBC local station WHDH and finding that a disaster - namely an explosion with shrapnel and flames -- had happened in the most largely attended event: the Boston Marathon. It is Spring School vacation week here and a lot of children attend the Boston event and visit the local museums and other sites during the vacation week.

    I look at this as very close to home. Early this morning, there was an amazing live outdoor gathering of a rehearsed arrival of the British Red Coats who were firing muskets and dispersing the people dressed as Colonial Massachusetts volunteers. The Boston Marathon was about to commence just a short while later in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

    My sorrow for the tragedy suffered by the people who were innocently going about their Holiday week recreational plans is immense. This is a day when parents take their children to see the History of Boston and let them enjoy a festival atmosphere, but it was just turned into an urban disaster zone by these terrible explosions. Say a prayer for us out here on the east coast.

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