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    Cougar dream andCougar reality


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    Cougar dream andCougar reality Empty Cougar dream andCougar reality

    Post  OregonGuy on Sat 06 Apr 2013, 4:42 am

    Weird experience to relate today. Before waking I had a dream of a cougar running across a road and up to a woman's front door, she was going to be attacked because the cougar was mad. A German shepard was there but I knew it was no contest in a fight so I got out of a car and stepped in between the cougar and woman with her dog. The cougar stopped as I hesitated to hit it with a crowbar, I said to all I didn't want to hurt the animal. The cougar then backed away and vanished.

    So I woke up around 7:30am, surfed the news and saw a morning story of a cougar crossing I-5 and getting hit by a car and was 'mad' according to deputies who responded to the scene. I guess it later died.

    I was thinking what a weird dream till I saw the KATU story. I am still mulling over the coincidence to the dream.

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