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    across the Pond

    Post  beejean on Wed 20 Mar 2013, 1:55 am

    across the Pond

    across the Pond, the British legislators debate signing under-pinning guidelines that will restrict freedom of speech by imposing fines on bloggers who offend.

    Stephen Conroy promises the Daily Telegraph will still be here tomorrow morning and we totally believe him
    Posted on 13 March, 2013 | 108 Comments to the blog by anonymouslefty.

    Thank God for Stephen Conroy’s glorious new not in any way tyrannical despot-like media reforms!
    None of the staff at the Daily Telegraph have been disappeared or you would have read about it in one of the other newspapers, and the other newspapers are totally not cowed by Conroy’s enforcers in their smashing uniforms so they definitely would have told us about all the disappearances at News Ltd that definitely did not happen. Gemma Jones was not brutally tortured and when she appears in public today her arm will totally not be in a sling because government freedom agents kidnapped her at traffic lights and smashed her elbow with a hammer.

    In short: the Daily Telegraph was wrong to point out how much like a brutal despot is Stephen Conroy, and the bloody vengeance that he has already wreaked on them totally didn’t happen and I’m sure they will be free to publish critical stories about the government tomorrow

    The furor is general as ISP's are being forced to remove certain blog content n Britain now, and legislators try to restrict the publishing of scathing criticism of the political players in the country.

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