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    Balance the Sequester


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    Balance the Sequester Empty Balance the Sequester

    Post  beejean on Sun 24 Feb 2013, 2:11 pm

    Balance the Sequester- more taxes in the mix

    One thing happens with Balance... You become aware of it when it's missing. We'll see if the old song plays this week: "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone..."

    The automatic Government spending cuts that will apparently occur because people can't concur about how and where to cut government outlays looks more likely to take effect this coming week.

    C-SPAN' 8 a.m. (eastern) program hosted guests from the media who had their own biases to present their views on this. Thank heaven that the host ended up reading today's editorial from the Washington Post which drew on their staffer Bob Woodward to read information he had collected during the funding crisis.

    (This is a Summary of the statement.) White House Chief of Staff in 2011, Jack Lew, and White House Congressional Relations Chief, Jim Nabors, with the personal approval of President Barack Obama, added the sequestration language into the fiscal funding agreement during the debt limit negotiations by the SuperCommittee of 8, by bringing the details of the plan to Harry Reid on July 27, 2011. ." (Bob Woodward, The Washington Post, Editorial, Title Obama's Sequester Deal Changer, Feb 24, 2013)

    When Harry Reid went about the process which President Obama and his aides had indicated needed to be inserted into the Legislation's clauses, it was seen as the only way to achieve an agreement at the time of the Fiscal cliff. It was part of a deal agreeing to cuts by democrats and Republicans in order to accomplish deficit reduction.
    At the end of March 2013, the new spending Fiscal Cliff Deadline is March 31 2013. In his White House Message this week on February 23 2013, President Barack Obama indicated that the sequester should be changed to accomplish the reduction via another round of new taxes to be implemented this year.

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