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    Birds in Sweaters


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    Birds in Sweaters Empty Birds in Sweaters

    Post  DearWife on Fri 08 Feb 2013, 8:18 pm


    In the last part of a dream, I was with a tribal family. When it was time for them to move, they burned the lodge down. Coming with us, were some birds.

    The scene changed where there was water and platforms round about that look to have the texture of those jumper houses that children play on. But the platforms were more like shelters with no windows.

    And I saw various birds with sweaters on. And these flew here and there within this place. There was also a door to this area, that was similar to what we see when we go to a clothes shopping store. And on the outside was a kind of penguin with a light blue sweater on. And it slipped through the door and began walking everywhere. When it came in this place, there was a floor for it to walk, till it got to a horizontal escalator. It jumped on top of that area, and a man who was close by said, "what is he doing?" And the watching of this penguin was very amusing, and it was very cute.

    And I saw that there was a man with me at the end of this area who had many little candles lit. I was turned towards these little candles, and told him these didn't need to be lit anymore. These candles were stacked on top of each other, and a few on the bottom were still lit. It looked like he wanted a few of these candles on the bottom to still stay on. He was some kind of gambler, and he was a little heavy weight. I sat next to him, and kind of in his arms for comfort, I was going to ask him how he made money, but decided not to. He was a man already aged, but not much with grey hair, he seemed Italian in some ways.

    When I looked to my right, I saw cats upon the upper portion of the roof of these jumper like structures, but they were more within a kind of cubby hole area, between the roof and the ceiling where a Turkish man was standing below. These cats were trying to catch the birds, but really could not. That's when I saw a black bird within a bluish knit sweater flying round about.

    And in the area where I was sitting with the gambler, I heard..."Everything we do is for God's glory"

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