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    Fireball Over Lake Tahoe


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    Fireball Over Lake Tahoe

    Post  beejean on Mon 05 Nov 2012, 11:21 pm

    Fireballs in Western US Sky

    A meteor the size of a minivan broke up over the Sierras just recently and Lake Tahoe saw the trail. It was a widely reported event and samples have been gathered.
    NASA video cameras were able to track the trajectory of each rock landing on Earth so scientists then knew where to look for the pieces...It was one of the rarest types of meteorites to fall to Earth — a carbonaceous chondrite, the earliest solid material to form in this solar system more than 4½ billion years ago, before the planets, including the Earth, formed.

    This meteor had the highest entry speed ever recorded of a meteor, according to Yin, at 29 kilometers per second. This compares to a bullet that travels at 0.07 kilometers per second.

    Yin said the Sutter Mill event is the most significant collection of space rocks since the 1960s when Apollo 11 astronauts brought back lunar rocks and meteorites fell in Mexico and Australia. He said scientists are still learning from those events.

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