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    Settlers for Peace - Israel


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    Settlers for Peace - Israel

    Post  DearWife on Tue 16 Oct 2012, 7:04 am

    "A new political movement of young, second generation Israeli settlers are striving for new relations with their Palestinian neighbours. They are not only in favour of a Palestinian State; they even want to live in it.

    Some settlers do not see themselves as an obstacle for peace. On the contrary - they see their presence as a way to build new relationships with Palestinians. They argue that the Settler issue has the easiest of solutions. Why couldn't they continue to live within a Palestinian state? Nachum Pachenik is a settler from the illegal settlement of Sde Boaz and a co-founder of the Land of Peace movement. "For me it's not about keeping the land... it's about achieving real peace." Ziad Sabatin, a Palestinian member of 'Land of Peace' specifically wants to get in touch with settlers because they are the very enemy with whom peace has to be made. "I have come to the conclusion that terror leads only to more terror. If you get to know each other, the fear disappears". Despite the willingness of both sides, making peace in occupied territories is still a potentially dangerous business. "There are people who have very different visions about the future", says Jewish settler Assaf Harel."

    Blessed are the peacemakers Smile

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