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    Libya embassy hearings today...


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    Libya embassy hearings today... Empty Libya embassy hearings today...

    Post  Grits on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 8:47 pm

    My alternator went out on my car today and is in the shop so I was home and tuned into the hearings.

    Wow! There were two whistleblowers (Nordstrom and Wood) and two diplomats (Lamb and Kennedy) who testified. The two diplomats gave very weak testimony and the two whistleblowers (especially Nordstrom) gave very clear and defined testimony. Lamb was the weakest of them all and it is scary that she is in charge of all overseas embassies security (if I understood her right). Too much to go into in a post but they are going to replay the whole thing on CSpan tonight if any want to tune in.

    Nordstrom got in the last line and it was mindblowing. He was replying to a question about if he felt it was useless to keep trying to get more security in Libya when they were repeatedly turned down or stalled with their requests and he said: "For me the Taliban is inside the building." affraid

    I read just the other day that the ACLU has been infiltrated by muslims in top key positions and now we have an administration that is working closely with the muslim brotherhood in Libya. I pray these next 4 weeks pass quickly and we have a change at the top or at least a totally Republican House and Senate. This has got to stop or this country is done for...sigh

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