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    Lying media....once again...How Big Was Obama’s Crowd in Wisconsin?


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    Lying media....once again...How Big Was Obama’s Crowd in Wisconsin?

    Post  Grits on Sun 23 Sep 2012, 3:14 pm

    The media constantly over-inflates ANY Democrat crowd while consistently under-counting ANY Republican/Conservative crowd. Same way the all the current polls are weighted too heavy in Dem numbers giving a false perspective that Obama is way ahead when in fact the race is basically tied. The media is trying very hard to sway this election (by voter suppression as the no. 1 goal), just as they have done in the past. I ENCOURAGE all to do your own research before you vote and don't pay any attention to the MSM.

    How Big Was Obama’s Crowd in Wisconsin?

    After fishing around the internet he dug up first a crowd shot (from the Democrat Underground) of Obama’s actually rally at the BMO Theater whose maximum attendance is 5000. And although there are reports of some empty seats in the nether regions (no overflow crowds like the Romney rallies in Cincinnati) we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt about rounding up to 5000. No problem there.

    But compare that with the second photo which is a generic crowd shot of the Marcus Amphitheater next door which holds 23,000 even though the national media reports 18,000 (acknowledging the empty seats in the back?). These are two dramatically different crowd sizes yet the national media does not report of the factual crowd size and fabricates an enormous number which never occurred.

    comparison pics at the link...

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