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    What do you consider a "fair" minimum wage?


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    What do you consider a "fair" minimum wage?

    Post  Grits on Wed 19 Sep 2012, 12:32 am

    I was just listening to Bill O'Reilly and Stossel talking about a man on the street interview Stossel did asking people what was a fair minimum wage...and one man on the street said $30/hr!!! Geez...that's a bit extreme, don't ya think?

    People forget that minimum wage is an entry level wage. It's not supposed to be a wage for a person that has been in the workforce for a period of time. If you've been working for several years in the workforce and are only making minimum wage, then I'd say you need to learn some skills or try harder. Even low skill minimum wage jobs have set raises built into them...most of them on a yearly basis, so while you would take a long time to get to a decent wage, you would eventually make a better wage.

    If you are 30-62 and can only find minimum wage work, then that should be a sign the problem is with the individual and not with what the company pays for a starting wage...sigh

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