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    Post  beejean on Tue 28 Aug 2012, 11:09 pm

    DAR Horror Show = a False Flag Damaging the United States

    False Flag event speculation- affraid
    The dissentist subculture theorists are warning that a secret plan to create a false flag akin to the Reichstag fire Feb 1933 event to the 10th power is again being thrown against the wall and may have some meat that has stuck.

    Now America does not look much like it used to, but we have always had our share of banking leeches (like the ones that Daniel Shays tried to quell) and opportunistic criminals. What we haven't had as much of is the Rooseveltian underminers of protective measures our Military would normally put into place.

    Since we might be facing such underminers, Idea we might as well have contingency scenarios ready for facing these also. For those in the military, if a unique huge disaster presents, always disperse people with high tech communications and high level watch codes to a set of sites so that assessment of the emergency can be spread among critical responders in a coordinated manner. If a false flag is in the offing, the alternate communication portals and contacts will have to be handy. We need people ready to think outside the box.

    And we need to have our rescue people stay ready to handle emergencies another day, so we need them to think about preserving the rescue resources and people as well as handling the rescues.

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