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    EQ Assam 4.8


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    EQ Assam 4.8 Empty EQ Assam 4.8

    Post  beejean on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 9:01 pm

    EQ 90 mi south of Lhasa today Sunday, August 19 2012
    Mag 4.8
    An Earthquake hit today in Assam India, the companion earthquake I had expected. A Companion earthquake to last week's large quake, this newest EQ today, shook the opposite side of the huge Lhasa Plateau which is north of India. Checking on the distance from Lhasa to Assam India shows that the earthquake is at the plateau southern border, while the earlier ones last week had been at the northern plateau edge. There were only 90 miles between Lhasa and Assam, with Assam being south of Lhasa just off the "table-top plateau"

    So the tabletop plateau tipped from the north last week, and now rattled on the south end this week.

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