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    Rhetoric Mid-East Style


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    Rhetoric Mid-East Style

    Post  beejean on Sat 18 Aug 2012, 7:21 pm

    Rhetoric Mid-East Style

    We seem to have hit the turning point in the direction of Middle East affairs with the overthrow of the Military top brass in Egypt. Remember Egypt that received the 5 Billion US$ taxpayer support from the State Department early in this year's budget cycle over several key Senators' efforts to hamper writing that check, until State fast-tracked it. Morsi's street supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood have effectively used lynch mob tactics to kill people who express opposition to the Head Minister Mohammed Morsi's government leadership. In specific, the tactic of crucifixion is mentioned this weekend in a variety of off-brand electronic forums, as having happened there in Egypt.

    Now from the Left who push our checkbook support for the democratic struggles of Egypt, and the Right who are eyeing Egypt as a failed state, I see that type of rhetoric in the USA that signaled our own left and right are being sucked into a vortex of hateful rhetoric just as was unleahed prior to the civil rights clashes. I hope there is no outbreak of violent non-sensical recriminations here. However, this is the international forum, so let us continue with the Mid-East style discussion of the rhetoric now being flung out in the Middle East.

    Iran reportedly has just warned the Saudis away from allowance of Israeli overflights of their territory, by threatening that some missiles can fly in the wrong trajectory and land within Saudi territory. So Iran just mentioned they are no respecter of borders.

    Maybe Egypt's leader has reached the same cross-border weaponry deployment being classified into just a trifle for his regime, as he leaves the M-60 tanks parked at the Sinai Israeli border.

    reports are indicating that Morsi is considering leaving these tanks in place on a permanent basis. This is a clear violation of the Camp David Accords. When asked about the accords, a Morsi spokesman made this quote, “The state respects international accords but at the same time serves the interest of the nation and Egyptian citizens.”
    Source: War on the Horizon

    Let's not go into the following in a lot of detail:

    Aug. 17….(AFP) Israel is a "cancerous tumour" that will soon be finished off, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday told demonstrators holding an annual protest against the existence of the Jewish state.

    Just another day in the zone surrounding the Tower of Babel. But finally, that straw Iran Pres. Ahmadinejad just put between his teeth seems to be the one that has broken a camel's back. I hope readiness now extends to all US personnel stationed within all USA bases that dot the Mid-East map, because it looks like more bad news is in the planning inside the region.

    There is something about the blood-thirsty tactic of crucifixion that draws down a spiritual mark of Cain when the blood cries out to the Lord from the soil of the earth. If you feel an increased intensity in your bones these days, they are probably the first to pick up on these ancient echoes.

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