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    Is Earthboppin down or am I being locked out?

    Betty in Texas

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    Is Earthboppin down or am I being locked out?

    Post  Betty in Texas on Wed 01 Aug 2012, 12:34 am

    Have tried to get on Earthboppin for many hours now, since about 2PM. Wonder if anyone else has had a problem?
    Have not been to this site for sometime now and intend to get back.

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    Re: Is Earthboppin down or am I being locked out?

    Post  Calibabe on Mon 13 Aug 2012, 8:41 pm

    Hey Betty, hope all is well my friend!

    I have noticed over the course of the past few weeks that Earthboppin has been up and down and difficult to access. I don't know why. Sometimes it is easy to get in other times you get the message that you are unable to access Earthboppin for whatever reason.

    Strange. Usually I am always able to access the site so maybe they are just having server issues.

    In any even, I hope they get it up shortly as I would like to see it up and running.

    How are things in Texas? I have a dear, dear friend that moved to Missouri City, TX and she is as happy as can be. Very motivated person and she will do really, really well. Living here in CA we have seriously been thinking of relocating to somewhere but right now it is something we can't do. My husband has a good job with an aerospace company that also has a lot of military contracts. So for us we need to make sure that there are jobs in his field prior to coming out. I told him to look at openings and submit his resume and see if anyone bites. If so then we can at that time make the decision as to whether or not he can fly out for the interview. I also told him to offer to set up a Skype which allows a face-to-face and then from that point if that were to go well he cold then go out for a personal, in person one on one to try and get the position.

    Hope all stays well with your family and hopefully we can all get on here in short order. flower

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    Bill Silver Eagle

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    8/22/2012: Earthboppin Down at 19:50CDT

    Post  Bill Silver Eagle on Thu 23 Aug 2012, 12:52 am

    Went to EB to post something about the meteorite in Hondurus and Skywatchers board wasn't there. I had just previously been on the National Board reviewing posts, but when I went back to it, it too gone, as were all others.....

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    Re: Is Earthboppin down or am I being locked out?

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