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    London Olympics


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    London Olympics Empty London Olympics

    Post  beejean on Sat 28 Jul 2012, 2:31 am

    London Olympics show Confusing Avatars

    Equivocation of Trials/ Progress/ Mixed Blessings

    Further separation, alienation - the bottom and the top

    Links to E ! online photo journal.
    Image Sky Pilot/ Voldemort looms large during games

    An unusual thing among many in the Opening of the Summer Games.
    Dancers imitate: "the struggle between life and death" This can be seen among those Getty photo images as a yellow floodlighted strained writhing.

    Getty Images - The torch being brought down the Thames

    I Watched the panoply play out of symbolic history including pastoral, industrial repression by factory owners, world wars, digital age, and then fantasy. Musical fantasy with a strange electro beat brought us to a march of young people, appearing to be a plunge into anarchic social mobs. There's a fine line from the partying youth to the "occupy" village. Anybody get anything out of this?

    We had the Shakespearean Tempest quote early on. A lot of noise and light signifying some beating thundering marching groups beginning a convocation of disparity.

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