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    Conspiracy Theory

    Post  OregonGuy on Tue 05 Jun 2012, 5:39 am

    Just had a cloud burst pass through here and it was not your normal Pacific Northwest Cloud burst. No, these are not a natural event. Way too much water at once. Never, ever had these in all the years I've lived here, only in the past year have I felt them. Other long time Oregonians agree with my observation.

    Just for kicks I looked on radar to see what was up. What I found was one of Dutchsincse 'Circle Sweeps' where the atmosphere is blasted with frequencies way up in the sky, the flattened view on radar looks like the image below.

    I know someone is screwing around with our weather but I've began to wonder how sick they could be if 'they' are deliberately squeezing the moisture out of clouds at the same time a fresh radiation enriched jetstream is overhead like it is right now.

    Another site mentioned a 5X background radiation discovery in San Francisco tonight where the jet stream is also. It's over Portland now.

    So frequency induced artificial cloudburst bringing radiation in the jetstream down to earth so we can all inhale some of the wonderful isotopes! What was it Georgia Guidestones said? Reduce the world population down by a fifth of what it is now? I think I know how they are going to do it. Cancer. Cell phone emf, power meter emf, car emf, cafe emf, broadband emf. We are going to be cooked alive. To top it off a nice soaking of Fuk-u-shitma crap.

    Sorry, I'm angry. Early attempt at contacting DEQ here in Portland about rainouts of radiation met with the metaphorical dumb blank stare from the East Indian Ph.D who is running the office here and doesn't sound like he's a US citizen from his accent. Isn't there supposed to be government agencies that are suppose to protect us from threats? Not raw milk threats but actual radiation will kill you type threats? Wow.

    OK rant done, say I do feel better!

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