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    God's Will be fulfilled...God's Will be done...


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    God's Will be fulfilled...God's Will be done...  Empty God's Will be fulfilled...God's Will be done...

    Post  DearWife on Mon 20 Feb 2012, 9:04 am

    Another dream I remembered:

    I was in an area like that of a school, where in the dream was like I saw children who I knew from times past. Those I knew and hung out with from this place I saw I hung out with. In this place it was like an arena. A Chinese man wanted to add me as a friend to his list. I began to be apart of this game he played. He didn’t care if I was an American. He wanted his country to have national identity once again where the people would be free to make friends with anyone.

    I began to play freely amoung those within this arena…I was within a suit amoung the Chinese men. Then after these I played amoung the Chinese woman. I was on a kind of surf board like that for snow.

    From here I was upon some land. People began to gather together. It was a ceremony where a husband and wife needed to be together. It was some kind of Mormon ceremony. I stood behind a woman who looked back to find her husband but he was not there…I was walking in the way. Along the path were names. I saw my brother in law. Upon this road was his son. I looked the more upon the footpath and more names where there but I stood only on the names of my brother in law’s footpath.

    From here I saw the land that many of the children were upon. I saw how those in this establishment were deceiving the children by showing fake grass. And fake happiness. I came to the ground. Upon my one foot and upon one knee I pounded my fist into the ground and said, “cursed be this ground”...and the ground began to transform…

    I was now upon the buildings of this place...I began to be poked and prodded by those within the establishment; they didn’t want me to tell the truth of this place. I saw as the golden statues came alive, even these began to poke and prod at me with their golden stakes in their hands…and I said, “cursed are these”…and the more I said this the more became against me…and as they poked at me and prodded, I said, “God’s will be fulfilled, God’s will be done!”

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