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    War in the next days?


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    War in the next days?

    Post  OregonGuy on Wed 23 Nov 2011, 6:23 pm

    My GPS went out yesterday, in the afternoon. It still had power just couldn't connect to satellites. Turns out many other MIO GPS receivers also went on the fritz. Some investigation revealed defense department GPS testing during the period. The source of it was all the way over in New Mexico at White Sands.

    I think war is due in the next few days or weeks, GPS is a primary target of signal interruption operations due to all the equipment and weapons that rely on it. This successful interruption of my GPS can only mean war is imminent, because the 'freshness' of the test requires nearly immediate use of the technique. Otherwise, soon to be found countermeasure will nullify it.


    Iranians bring down drone by fooling the GPS on it.

    Something is very odd here. My GPS going out with many others then this hack a few weeks later. Uh huh. I think there are competing factions fighting it out over whether we go to war or not. Looks like the anti-war crowd has won another round. No war now since all the US weapons systems are compromised due to GPS flaw exploited or deliberately sabotaged. Or this is a feint and the drone is a trojan horse.

    Something is going to happen soon as the US has now become a martial law state. So long free speech, internet, and pursuit of happiness.

    The next alien mother-ship that comes by I'll hop on board, and thanks for all the fish! Wait is that a giant yellow bulldozer I see out the window?

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    John Kettler

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    Fear not!

    Post  John Kettler on Fri 09 Dec 2011, 12:55 am


    The word I get, and I have excellent sources, is that several satellites got franged by the recent CME/s. That's the real problem. I suspect that the interference originating from White Sands would explain local disruptions only, seeing as how GPS is a line of sight system, which is why so many satellites are up, in order to provide worldwide coverage. Three satellites have to be "visible" to the GPS receiver in order for a proper high accuracy fix to be obtained. Now, some are offline. Call correcting this a high priority!



    Unless you live within 280 nautical miles of White Sands' designated grid location, you are out of the affected zone. This is clearly shown in the far right column of the chart.

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