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    5.9 Virginia 8-23-11 *Felt


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    5.9 Virginia 8-23-11 *Felt

    Post  beejean on Tue 23 Aug 2011, 11:49 pm


    5.9 quake in Virginia:

    Felt strongly in New Haven CT, Felt strongly in Massachusetts.
    Amazing how that granite, feldspar, schist rattles during a quake.

    Was inside at my desk and it felt like a pulse beat coming up through the ground.


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    Re: 5.9 Virginia 8-23-11 *Felt

    Post  DearWife on Wed 24 Aug 2011, 7:12 am

    I straight way thought of you and was going to post but figured I'd wait for you to report on it. Felt one myself not too long ago. I thought it was surely a magnitude 5 probably in Fremont again but nope, this one was off the Hayward fault and pretty close by. This one felt stronger than the 5.6 that was near Fremont back in what 2007? I forget which year.

    But for the one on which you felt, there is history of one back in 1774:
    Virginia Earthquake History

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