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    Sleep disturbance


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    Sleep disturbance Empty Sleep disturbance

    Post  OregonGuy on Fri 03 Jun 2011, 4:37 pm

    Last night(Thursday) about an hour after falling asleep I was awakened to the feeling of the room shaking, I reached out to the wall to feel it moving as well. In what I call a lucid state I then experienced a rolling wave pass from west to east, the feeling was of weightlessness as if gravity changed in the passing the wave. The duration of the event was over 2-3 minutes. I was thinking at the time here comes the big quake only to later realize it was something else entirely different. Not a dimension shift that I have often picked up on, this was new, felt like a 'not of this earth' quality to it.

    This morning I expected to see news about a major quake or something large locally, nothing. I'll put it off to that late night piece of cake I ate. Thought I needed to post about it anyway.

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    Sleep disturbance Empty Shaking feeling - Sleep Disturbance

    Post  beejean on Fri 03 Jun 2011, 11:04 pm

    Thanks for posting this feeling you had Thursday night. Einstein predicted ripples in space/time and you perhaps went through one. Over here, in Massachusetts, we found that our satellite clock stopped getting the correct time anymore in our kitchen even though it was still ticking as normal. Something had reset it forward a couple hours upon awakening this morning (Friday) and it was registering 3am when I spontaneously woke up in the middle of the night last night-- but in the morning it was kablewwy. scratch

    Have a good day Oregon Guy and hope things go better tonight. -- beejean

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