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    The Narrative Full Lightspeed Throttle / A News Outlet called The Daily Havoc


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    The Narrative Full Lightspeed Throttle / A News Outlet called The Daily Havoc

    Post  beejean on Tue 31 May 2011, 12:35 am

    Re: The Narrative Throttle
    Recently, as we move through the headlines, instead of narrative to explain the historical happenings, judicial decisions, financial irregularities, presidential activities, we seem to be jumping from discussing in-depth murder coverage to damage from the latest disaster reel. Evil or Very Mad A full throttle race through never-ending destruction, corruption, political clashes, price hikes.

    A significant disaster, the Fukishima nuclear triplicate meltdowns, soon to become quattro meltdowns, which continues to spew radioactive materials into air and water, now hits the news again as a typhoon gets set to lash the area some more. So we haven't even managed to really digest what has resulted from that tragedy when the large disasters continue to cause havoc.

    Havoc has come to push the narrative throttle to the max, and I feel like the narrative of my life has suddenly been left in a large dust cloud, as things proceed to be burned, blown up, torn up by wind, knocked down by missiles, evacuated due to volcanic poison gas, grounded by volcanic ash and whatnot.

    Tuscaloosa AL, Joplin MO, Michigan, Kansas sites, with homes scoured off the face of the earth by winds, fires in Texas living hundreds of thousands of acres unplantable, the Mississippi river flood leaving half million acres unplantable in Illinois, with similar problems flowing all the way southward to Louisiana. The recent evacuation of 4 villages in the Philippines due to poisonous gas leaking out of the Mayon volcano, the ash eruption in Iceland closing Berlin airports, poisonous e coli cukes killing people in Germany, the Yemeni government and Assad in Syria, joining Quaddafi in shooting his own people down without restraint.

    I think that this level of disruption spanning the globe all in tandem has not been seen at all during the entire time since journalism became a profession, except maybe during the black plague.


    Ease off the throttle, and bring us more about problem description - policy solutions being worked on. Our journalists have lost the helpfulness of responsible follow-up.

    (My two cents, at a time when I'm wondering who is "Marty" D. and what has qualified him to be a Joint Chief of Staff. And what has been done to save the displaced of Tuscaloosa???)

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