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    R.I.P. Mark Krueger


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    R.I.P. Mark Krueger

    Post  Vim/PA on Mon 27 Dec 2010, 8:51 pm

    Just received word that astrologer Mark Krueger has passed away.
    Was always intrigued by him and his star reports.
    He majored in exposing the GAME, encouraging us to claim our own being.
    His website will be up until sometime in January.
    There's alot of encouragement there.
    Grab it while you can.
    He left this message about the 1999 Eclipse.
    It is still pertinent today.
    I'm posting the whole thing as it is buried in his other posts.
    Rest in Peace, Mark.
    Let us know what you find out over there!
    More GAME I'm sure!


    The Eclipse of 1999

    On August 11, 1999 there was a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Leo within a planetary Grand Cross in the power points of the Fixed Signs (15 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio, Leo/Aquarius). This combination hadn’t happened for at least 3,000 years into the past, nor will it happen for at least 500 years into the future and it may be far more rare than that but my research tools only cover that time spread. There are regular Grand Crosses in these Fixed Signs, but what was very unusual was to have a Total Solar Eclipse in such a potent formation.

    Beings on and off the planet had waited and worked for a long time for this event. It was a download of new software to shift the planet from a third chakra power basis to a fourth chakra love/spirit basis. That whole summer was an ongoing Grand Cross, not in the power points, but early in the Fixed Signs. This was burning through all the accumulated resistances and veils.

    The actual eclipse’s Moon shadow stretched from the Isles of Scilly off the Cornwall coast of the UK, cutting through the heart of Europe into Turkey and then on through Iraq/Iran and northern India. It was erasing all the old programming of the patriarchal power of the Aryan based domination by the western/northern hemisphere that has pinnacled in our time (and is now falling away in favor of China and Asia).

    The download was successful. On the Millennial moment of New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day 1999/2000 cusp, the new software was initiated. The Y2K silliness (with supposedly no planes flying in the sky for fear that their software would crash and therefore so would the planes) was the necessary distraction that accompanies these shifts in civilization. It was the Y2K jelly for the new installation, which was a tall order indeed. Yeeehaaaaa.

    The End of the World was scheduled for that time, but we collectively decided not to have the mass ascension of mass extinction. Instead, we chose to process the end of the world internally and externally for many years to come, in the slow lane. That’s why it looks and feels the way it does these days.

    The personal fears around death project out as the collective fear of collective death. Remember that life on the planet has been wiped out for large numbers of species, or for the whole face of Gaia, a number of times before. The karma of those essentially unprocessable events lands into our current era at the end of the Piscean Age.

    The Sign of Pisces is the last Sign of the Zodiac, the end Sign. Now that we are effectively at the end of the Piscean Age, it is archetypally the end of the end of The End. All manner of pestilence and brimstone will make loud appearances in turn, but the world won’t end anytime soon. The process will repetitively grind these ancient horrific imprints. Included in the bloody mess are all of the annihilations by war. Over and over people will feel as if the world and their world is ending, but life will go on, like the heart, like the titanic Wheel that it is..... and that isn't you.

    In the body, there is a veil between the third and fourth chakras: the diaphragm. It operates breathing and keeps the dirty, septic, lower, earthy stuff from getting into the heart/lungs and such of the higher pneuma/spirit machinery. Correspondingly, in the collective body, there is a veil between spirit and matter. When you incarnate/disincarnate, sleep/wake and such, you move through this veil which acts as a filter so that you cannot easily see the state on the other side of the veil from where you reside.

    Spirit and matter are not meant to merge in Creation because they are inherent in the structures of the Game, just as yin/yang hold the polarized play. Whenever you awaken the energy in matter ala E=MC2, or whenever you awaken spirit in material form………. kapowie! It’s the Bomb or it’s the Balm, but either way it’s a big deal with lots o’ drama.

    The dissolution of the veil between the third and fourth chakras, between spirit and matter, was arranged for 1/1/2000 to make possible a mass spiritual ascension to higher dimensions and for the higher dimensions of spirit to descend into matter for the creation of heaven on Earth.

    There was however an unforeseen consequence of our collective intention to clear the veil between spirit and matter. At the moment the veil burned off, one could see into the spiritual dimensions without filtering/forgettin. What could be seen is that the beings upstairs in the ascended realms were just as unconscious as beings down. This realization blew up the Game.

    As above, so below is an ancient esoteric teaching. But because of the ignorance of the lower mind and the higher mind, what wasn’t seen for a very long time was: as below, so above. If we’re goofy down here, so are they upstairs.

    As a result, everybody went into shock. The jig was up. Collapse began to happen, with the icon being 9/11/2001, as the twin towers of polarization fell and the power of the Dream diminished. The effect has been the opening of awareness about the loopiness of It All, resulting in a generally depressive effect as As Above dissolved into As Below. Below is way denser than Above, thus the thick heavy feeling of da feet rather than the glories of the crown.

    The main distraction game in Creation is the endless cycling from material into spiritual into material forever and ever amen. The mind, be it spirit mind or material mind, always suggests that you can end suffering by getting to one end of the polarity, like getting to the Light at the end of the tunnel. This only maintains tunnel vision with the nervous assurance that some where some time the Light will come. Rots a ruck……

    It will come and It will go. The Big Wheel keeps on turnin’ and the karma keeps on churnin’. The promised land proceeds beyond in the projections in hopeitis. You can chase after it, but it’ll always project to the beyond, the next ever and ever beyond. Heaven will be a hell on the way to another heaven in the great After. God’s gotta always have a god, angels always gotta have angels, etc. It never ends. It just ever begins down the beams of projection.

    Our current era offers here at the end of the Piscean Age, the opportunity for you to see the machinery of the Dream and realize that it just cycles, period. Are you tired yet? If so, claim your own consciousness as who you are and clear your own karma. You have nothing to lose except suffering. It’s your choice.

    The Importance of Earnestly Being cannot be underestimated. You can do and do and do in the supposed earnestness of important doing..... but, you just get to the butt end of that headlonging search for etheric or material assets that only end up assedly unfulfilling. The Wheel is the Loop, the Mobius Strip of Last Wages, that glittery gulch of god offal grabbing that makes you think that something grand and glorious is going on and on and on... to some premised landing in It, the Big Om in the Sky of Pi.....

    The Good Luck has run out because we've had over a decade of a good look at the dull and dreary grind of the Wheelin' Dealin' of the Game.

    Quit while you're behind is behind before your a head on another Ahead....

    Nuff said.

    Mark Krueger


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