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    EQ at New Madrid


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    EQ at New Madrid Empty EQ at New Madrid

    Post  Rose8 on Thu 09 Dec 2010, 2:43 pm

    This dream was this weekend, Sunday.
    It was night and I was about to cross the Mississippi over to the Missouri side at STL. I'd just started talking to Mom on the phone when it hit. The big quake. I saw like that bridge and also the one over the Missouri at Jefferson City. Buildings on the other side were crashing down, the bridge was shaking and swaying and I was begging my mother to stay on the phone with me. I saw the water far below in the darkness, and I was slamming the accelerator to get across the bridge before it went down. That was it. I didn't finish out the dream. Did not make it across so I don't know what transpired.

    Both of these rivers to me, indicated without hesitation the New Madrid fault area erupting with EQ. When I dunno, but it was dark. Night or early morning. There wasn't a ton of traffic on either bridge. A big quake would affect both locations I'm sure. But I think that the fact that I was shown both rivers, of which I've crossed in my lifetime and recognized, that it was being "clear" to me where this was going to happen. Not necessarily that I'd be there when it did.

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