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    Weather or Not



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    Weather or Not

    Post  Bev2 on Mon 23 Aug 2010, 12:35 am

    My bad... said I would post this and didn't....

    Jack is concerned about the extremes in weather all over the world. Floods, extreme heat (family in Texas has had triple digits for 23 straight days!), unseasonably cold, etc. Jack also said this is NOT global warming.


    Does weather change before earthquakes or are the ancient records myth? Down through the centuries, many entries in literature and recordings in the spoken word have eye-witness accounts of some very dramatic upheavals in the weather prior to seismic events. Myth, folklore, short stories, and some of the greatest works of faith show these symptoms occur in concert. Most scientists, however, adopt a “SHOW ME!” attitude before they are willing to call it science. Any type of historical account is turned down because it hasn’t happened in the modern day to these professors.

    Today, first-hand reports have shown many types of anomalies on land and in the air before earthquakes. Beside this, numerous so-called scientists have claimed that no seismic event has ever caused any kind of weather change. This is flat out wrong!

    In the Philippines, Mt. Pinatubo is a good example. When the seismic event erupted the mountain blew upward, pulling the cooler air in from around the island which then mixed with ash, blocking the sun’s rays. It then became colder and began to rain mud. Before this eruption, the emissions of steam, gases and heat changed the local climate nearest to the vents. I, for one, noticed first-hand that the weather changed before the 7.2 magnitude in 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. People closer to the epicenter saw strange lights which were thought to be chemical emission reacting to highly charged particles at ground level. A friend of mine pointed out water running out of the hill above his home that had started approximately one week before the World Series quake hit.. He said that the humidity increased and the smell around his house was different.

    Individuals at the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge earthquake recounted seeing objects in the sky which appeared larger than their normal size. This could be attributed to the same type of polarizing and magnification effect which makes ice crystals form rainbows around lights and the moon on certain nights. During this same quake, one person said that he saw blue sparks shooting out of the ground just a block away from the epicenter where no electric power lines are in an open field. Other accounts have shown that earthquake lights, plasma orbs emitting energy from the crushing of large amounts of rock, give off heat. Friction along the fault-lines has been recorded to increase macro climate levels, and if I’m not mistaken, heat signatures viewed from satellites are being monitored by the governments searching for hot spots.

    The first time I witnessed high voltage sparks or orbs was in a lab when I was in elementary school. A metal ball was electrified and static electricity jumped from the ball to a grounding wand. Next, two solid rods nearly parallel at the base would ignite and travel upward concluding with a “pop” at the top of the device which is called a “Jacob’s Ladder”.

    Later, I noticed that fly-back transformers in televisions would zap when they became cracked and old, and damaged distributors on automobile engines would leak high voltage to the other sparkplugs and misfire. Many high voltage sources are surrounded by ceramic glass much like the insulators on power lines near your neighborhoods. A power repair person will tell you that when cracks appear, the sparks will arc across the cracks and short out the transformer or burn down the power lines.

    The earth is a large mechanical sphere with a rotating core that generates a strong electromagnetic force field and protects us from the sun’s radiation. An enormous amount of electricity is produced and eighty-five percent of the lightning’s discharges comes from the cracked glass-like mantle where upon we live. During these discharges, magnetic changes in the earth’s surface have been recorded that are hundreds of miles across. Charged particles of dust floating in the clouds will be drawn to, or repelled from these vortices in the relatively thin atmosphere that has been likened to the thickness of the skin of an onion.

    I have noticed that water vapor and dust attract to high voltage plates or highly charged areas. I have seen these anomalies duplicated in a lab and this has convinced me that on a larger scale weather can change before some types of earthquakes. These high voltage spikes have helped in forecasting quakes when quartz under pressure sends out a piezoelectric “pop” before faulting. I have talked to intelligent researchers who have backgrounds in electromagnetism and radio wave propagation as well as geology and they have helped me come to these conclusions.

    Whether it is a small quake at the base of a volcano, or a larger quake that may effect local climate for a few people, it is a great earthquake at magnitudes eight or larger which reveals the greatest potential of weather change prior to an event. An earthquake with a “worse-case-scenario” would include the following: water in ponds and streams bubbling with the smell of rotten eggs, animals reacting to the changes in their environment, a sense or indication that magnetic direction has changed, charged particles of dust drawn into exposed areas of fault lines, abnormally large, highly charged storm clouds covering heated cracks in the earth, static electricity discharges I the form of lightning and loud thunder, and to finish this shortened list, magnets will lose their ability to attract just hours before the Big One hits. So the question remains “Weather or Not”? And now you have my answer! Stay Safe!

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