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    Petra's And Don's Trip


    Don in Hollister

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    Petra's And Don's Trip

    Post  Don in Hollister on Sun 18 Jul 2010, 8:31 pm

    Hi All. Petra and I had an interesting week, which started on Monday morning. One of our first stops was Squaw Rock. If you drive on highway 101 towards Hopland you will have no problem seeing it. If you slow down as you approach Squaw Rock you can see the Wright Way fault which starts near Clear Lake. You can also see the Maacama fault which is located just to the east of highway 101.

    We stopped in Hopland for coffee and conversation. Hopland was hit hard during the 1906 quake. There was quite a bit of damage there. Don't remember the exact number but there either 9 or 11 people killed there. The Maacama fault is located just to the east of Hopland.

    Our next stop was Ukiah. The Maacama fault goes through Ukiah, but evidence of that is hard to find. Our next stop was Willits. There is evidence of creep in the town, but road work has covered most of it up.

    Squaw Rock is a distinctive volcanic monolith in the Russian River canyon through the California Coast Ranges. It's nice and tall and almost straight up and down, but I wouldn't dive off of it. Russian river runs at the bottom of it, but it doesn't look like it's very deep. You would probably put a big lump on or head before you got into water deep enough to drown.

    The Russian River channel through the Franciscan Assemblage is moved westerly against the steep, resistant face of Squaw Rock by an earthflow known as Squaw Rock Slide. The earth flow forms the east bank of the river where the vertical cliffs of Squaw Rock form the west bank. Boulders moved into the river channel by the earth flow remain while turbulent river flow erodes and transports smaller sediment particles of the earth flow down the Russian River. The remaining boulders form rapids varying from class III during summer flows of 300 cfs to class V during heavy winter runoff events.

    I'm not to sure about this, but I think the Wright Way fault crosses the highway there as they are always making repairs to the highway there. I can remember up until a couple of years ago I would make it a policy to stay in the left lane when driving through that area. The right hand lane was a little on the rough side. I always made sure I had a lot of distance between me and the car in front of me. You never knew when a rock was going to be coming at you. They say the biggest challenge driving through the area is not hitting a bear. I have never seen any bear, but have seen a lot of deer. Haven't hit one yet, but have come close. When ever we drive though this area Petra always lays the back of the seat down as far as it will go then puts a blanket over her head. I remember commenting one time about a bunch of Marines running down the road and all they were wearing was shorts and “T” shirts. She didn't move an inch. Taking a trip with Petra can be an adventure all unto it self. I never know when she is going to want me to stop, where she wants me to stop and how quick.

    The first photo is the Wright Way fault. As you can see the area is pretty active as the earth in that area is always moving. That movement extends all the way across the highway.

    This photo is of Petra standing on the eastern side of the highway with Squaw Rock at her back. I couldn't convince her to climb Squaw Rock and stand at the edge at the top. You should have seen the look she gave me when I suggested it.

    This is me with Lake Mendocino at my back. This is the first time we have seen this much water in the lake for a long time.

    This photo is of some buffalo taken at the buffalo ranch just off of highway 20. They are people shy so was as close as we were able to get to them.

    We spent some time here talking to the people that run the ranch. They told us they are feeling more quakes and they are sharp jolts. This is a pretty good indication the quakes are close by and are near the surface. It's hard to say they are occurring on the Maacama fault or on one of the nearby faults. One gentleman told me his cup slid off the table and sort of hung there before falling to the floor. Dona_Lee at Parkfield has told us the same thing when a moderate quake occurs in the area at Parkfield, however she will feel a gust of hot air just before she feels the quake. I'm not sure about what the cause might be.

    I must admit my backside is a little sore. Comes from sitting down to much.

    We saw quite a bit this time. We left her place Monday morning and didn't get back until Thursday night. Have to admit the pain medication the doctor gave me worked pretty good, but the next time I think I will start taking it a day earlier then what I did this time. Petra only yelled at me once so my driving must be getting better.

    All in all it was a pretty good trip. Wasn't to hot during the day and it was nice and cool at night. Take Care...Don

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