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    Thank you, Dona


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    Thank you, Dona

    Post  LaLuna on Thu 15 Jul 2010, 8:53 pm

    Quoted from EB:

    "Many of us here have known you as Fine for some time not get like me,so upset at I have posted over the years,many trolls have come here and have become US...
    New ones will come in and we too have to try to show sometimes that it is better to be a poster then a troll.
    It takes time and patients...
    Love you for admit and great strength with that,many fail to do what you have.
    Much,hugs or kisses or damn it,a OK!!!"

    I told Mr. Bopp that I would back away and not give the troll anything further to respond to, so I won't be posting at Earthboppin' for awhile. I appreciate your post, though! Over the months I've been reading these boards, I've come to think of some of you as extended family. Love you too!

    Carole flower

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