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    Kachina in Western frontier Town directs a Kachina commando "operation"


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    Kachina in Western frontier Town directs a Kachina commando "operation"

    Post  beejean on Sun 11 Jul 2010, 2:17 pm

    In this dream a metallic looking grey Kachina stood on the roof of a two story old western drug store with the boxy construction and double tier plain front porches sometimes featured in those shots of Western saloons in old Western movies.

    The metallic looking character (something like Ironman in look but not in vibration) was directing a number of big swarthy Kachinas, maybe trolls, that looked as if they were a cross between the Hulk and "Where the Wild Things Are." They were out to destroy things in the town.

    I was in the one room bathroom of the drugstore in a dark wood paneled hallway at the back of the building when one of the swarthy Kachinas wanted to get in. I stopped looking in the mirror there and got out to let the being in. There was a very old blackened brass doorknob with a round bolt contoller underneath it and I opened both the bolt controller and a sliding straight pin lock to let it into the bathroom as I exited. It wasn't interested in me in the slightest as I left the hallway and went to a far corner of the drugstore.

    It seemed like something had aroused these beings to manifest in 3D and with a plan to knock things around. Shocked

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