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    Freight Car dream - Stores in Freight Cars


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    Freight Car dream - Stores in Freight Cars Empty Freight Car dream - Stores in Freight Cars

    Post  beejean on Sat 03 Jul 2010, 12:49 pm

    I had a long, dream last night with myself shopping in a large gathering of side by side freight cars which had been established as rudimentary stores.

    Apparently regular stores weren't operational and I was going along in between these railroad cars which has been set out with tables and racks to show clothing, camping gear, basic foodstuffs, all in a large lot, all kind of rusty, and within a very crowded place like a flea market. While I was there rummaging through the freight cars for a few items, I was seeing Asian people I know of from work, bringing other Asian people around to show them the supplies in the freight cars, and i was ducking behind countertops to avoid encountering them. Question Kind of puzzling. Question

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