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    Been taking your advice....



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    Been taking your advice....

    Post  kemokae on Thu 01 Jul 2010, 5:31 pm

    Thought you'd like to know...with Norton's help, I cleaned out over 15,000 temporary files (most of them were posts in earthboppin over the years)and another 500 almost windows temporay files, it feed 139 mb disk space in
    temporary files, and 513 mb disk space in windows temporary files..and took out 15 per cent of fragmentation on drive C...but I have been taking your advice and when
    I can...log into each site I visit separately..without passwords being kept on them, but was not such the case for getting here right now..I could not do it without an automatically accepting my password each time I sign that how you have things set up?..or interference on that one?
    I also was able to break into my old e-mail addy again..or at least one of them,
    since Christmas I've gotten 1,500 messages..of which another 141 of them is spam/junk...and indeed "Malinda" had an detected it... an would not open up her message from around that time...she told after I'd been in "earthboppin" that she had one, when I had written her...or through me picked up one...but I have no knoweldege of how to do I suspect it may of been someone else passing one along through me..I don't know if cleaning out the files will help to eliminate it or not. I hope so. As far as I computers have always been set up to not accept them..or pass them along though...but if someone can manipulate the might be an different story...just thought you'd like to know..and the fact that I recently bought an "new lap" top(2 days ago)..I had the "Geek" guys install everything on it, from installation to the security and virus/spy-ware on it bought 6 months of their services. I just have one old tv set went out this morning...Laughs*. I guess it's one thing or another, but that will be taken care of also here pretty soon. Have an good day!!!

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