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    Emergency Summit Gulf Oil Catastrophe Crisis Live Cast


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    Emergency Summit Gulf Oil Catastrophe Crisis Live Cast

    Post  Dreemz on Sat 19 Jun 2010, 11:01 am

    cant open this on my computer at this time, if anyone here
    can please update us,maybe post a few sentences that would be

    thanks so much,take care!

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    Larry King Live Monday June 21,"How you can help" GULF

    Post  Dreemz on Sat 19 Jun 2010, 11:29 am


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    emergency summit

    Post  johnl on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 10:05 am

    This is a copy and paste of the call to response to collect and plug up the oil. The first speaker talked about needing a super tanker and not just skimmers. Also not to use BP’s toxic dispersants.

    Saturday June 19
    Doors open 10:00 am
    Live Cast & Program to start about 10:30 AM
    Join Cindy Sheehan, Larry Everest, and Gulf region activists, independent of the government and BP in making an ACTION plan
    The BP oil blowout is an environmental catastrophe, bringing great peril to marine and wildlife in the Gulf and threatening ecosystems of the planet. The spill is still out of control and spreading. It jeopardizes communities and livelihoods.

    The government and BP have proven unable and unwilling to stop the disaster, protect the Gulf,or even tell the truth.

    The people must come together now to stop this nightmare.

    Millions are sick at heart and looking for ways to act. Many individuals and groups have spoken out, offered suggestions, volunteered to help, protested.

    BP and the government - pursuing their own interests - have ignored people's ideas, blocked public participation, suppressed and
    harassed scientists, and prevented people on the Gulf from taking initiative to keep oil away from shore. This must not continue.

    A broad, determined, and powerful "peoples' response" is urgently needed - to get thetruth out, to protect the shores and oceans and deal with the ecological impacts, while exploring deeper causes and solutions.

    The Emergency Summit will bring together scientists, people from fishing communities, environmental activists, progressives, radicals and revolutionaries, artists, intellectuals and all who want to halt this horror.

    There will be testimony on the true scope and impact of the disaster and on what can be done to protect ecosystems, wildlife, and people.
    We'll thrash out ways for people to act now - on different fronts and in different ways - and to galvanize many, many more, across the Gulf and beyond. The world is watching. We must not allow the Gulf and oceans to be devastated. Our mission is nothing less than stopping this catastrophe.

    Draft Demands:

    1. Stop oil drilling in the Gulf

    2. The government and entire oil industry must allocate all necessary resources to stop the spill and clean up the devastation. Full support, including by compensation, must be given to efforts by people to save the Gulf.

    3. No punishment to those taking independent initiative; no gag orders on people hired, contracted, or who volunteer.

    4. Full mobilization of scientists and engineers. Release scientific and technical data to the public; no more lying and covering up. Full and open scientific evaluation of emergency measures like the use of dispersants. Fund all necessary scientific and medical research.

    5. Full compensation for all losing livelihood and income from the disaster.

    6. Provide necessary medical services to those suffering health effects of the spill. Protect the health of and provide necessary equipment for everyone involved in clean up operations. Full disclosure of medical and scientific studies about the effects of the oil disaster.

    I also read this link:

    This comment seemed interesting:

    June 18th, 2010 9:35 pm ET

    “It's NOT the government's job to fix this!!!!

    This is what the conservatives wanted, let them have it. FREE ENTERPRISE!!! YOU make the mess, YOU clean it up!

    If they're so disgusted by it, have Rush, Hannity and Beck go down and start slogging around in it...”

    I think free enterprise is the best system, but there needs to be discretion and constraint. The Gulf spill shows how lack of discretion can lead to not-so-free enterprise. OTC derivatives was pursued by neo-cons supposedly based on free enterprise, but it was just an underhanded way for the financial elite to set up a quadrillion dollar worldwide off-balance sheet toxic derivatives casino operation. Credit swap derivatives could bring down the value of fiat currency (paper money) of countries heavy in debt, by betting against the bonds (borrowing at high interest) of those countries.

    Passive reaction on the financial crisis and the oil-rig crisis has been disconcerting.

    Betty in Texas

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    Re: Emergency Summit Gulf Oil Catastrophe Crisis Live Cast

    Post  Betty in Texas on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 9:29 pm

    I have come to a conclusion based on all that I have read and heard that the apparent lack of action on both the part of the administration and that of BP in the cleanup effort is due to an advance knowledge that any effort will do no good in the long run, it will just be an appeasement of the public--that it is truly a hopeless situation, like trying to cap Mt. St. Helens when it erupted or better yet stop the lava flows of Kiluea. There is no known technology to deal with this kind of problem.

    The extreme lack of cooperation in the cleanup operation may also point to another ominous and saddening factor. Someone could be painfully aware that what is going on down there is a ticking time bomb--that the methane bubble that is being talked about could explode at any moment or that this small vent may be only a beginning of the true problem once the sea surface gives way to widen the orifice, therefore releasing much more oil and toxic chemicals. Or worse, triggering an enormous undersea EQ that could cause a gigantic tsunami.

    They have opened Pandora's Box and now have no way of closing it. They do not want to tell the public the true scope of what they have done because it is only a matter of time before it all goes boom. Why bother or spend more money on cleanup than they have to? It will ultimately be to no avail. Those birds will die anyway--and so will the people.

    I have felt this doom and gloom hanging over me for a month now and this is just putting it in writing, these are my own inner ideas, just my thoughts, and damn it, I hope I am just being crazy Betty. Sad

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    Re: Emergency Summit Gulf Oil Catastrophe Crisis Live Cast

    Post  LindaMarie on Tue 22 Jun 2010, 2:37 pm

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you Betty. With the amount of oil flowing out, there is no possible known way to keep up with the clean up. If it wasn't so deep, maybe there would be a way to contain it in one area to siphon it, but being that it is so far down that's not an option. My stepson is down in FL on the gulf coast for the summer and I really wish he would not have gone. It just has me so immensely saddened by the implications of all of this. I read something last night where this well could be everflowing and replenishing so the hopes of getting it to stop seem about zilch. Sad
    Betty in Texas

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    Re: Emergency Summit Gulf Oil Catastrophe Crisis Live Cast

    Post  Betty in Texas on Tue 22 Jun 2010, 6:55 pm

    Hi Linda Marie,

    If we ever needed "heavenly" help, this planet needs it now. I keep thinking about parallel worlds, universes where this disaster never happened and our oceans are still in pristine condition because oil usage never became a way of life--ie, they learned to use alternative energy methods on that other earth. If that is the case, please transport me and those that I love to that alternate earth. I want to get off this rock! The sooner the better. If I came here for the climatic ending, I think that I would prefer to skip this one and walk out on this movie!

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    Re: Emergency Summit Gulf Oil Catastrophe Crisis Live Cast

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