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    Lake Pillsbury


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    Lake Pillsbury

    Post  Don in Hollister on Thu 17 Jun 2010, 1:34 pm

    In 2000 Petra, her daughter and her boy friend to a trip up to Lake Pillsbury. The road, if you want to call it that was rough and I do mean rough. Jen and her boy friend Brandon were having a ball, but Petra was a little pale. However I did get a chance to stop to let a Tule Elk cross the road. Have to admit I was a little surprised to see one down that low. However I understand they are protected there so it's not to uncommon to see them down in the lower hills. Petra opened her eyes long enough to see it standing in the road before it jumped the ditch and went up the hill.

    One of first things I noticed was that the geese outside the little srore were very protective. For some reason they went after Brandon. I told him to stay still I talk to the geese. Reach down slowly and tried to pet one on the back of the head. He did and in a little bit they left him along.

    We talked to the locals and learned that they have been feeling some of the quakes, but weren't to concerned about them. Petra asked them if there were any hot sulfur springs in the area. They said there were some, but they were on the other side of the hills north of where we were.

    “In May of 2000 the Pillsbury Lake region, a seismically quiescent region bounded by the Ma’acama and Bartlett Springs faults, experienced a burst of seismic activity lasting for six months and culminating in an M4.2 event. A similar pattern of earthquake activity occurred in April 2007 with mainshock of M4.8. Previous studies have interpreted this anomalous activity as evidence of magma transport in the crust caused by the northward migration of the Mendocino Triple Junction. However, a magma intrusion does not fully explain the regional geophysical activity and the spatial seismicity patterns associated with the two swarms. The question to be addressed in this study is whether this theory is correct, namely, is the seismicity near Pillsbury Lake due to crustal dike propagation? While there is some supporting evidence, a simpler explanation is that the seismic lineament is a new fault in the juvenile stage of development. This hypothesis is consistent with the regional tectonics as the lineament shares the right-lateral strike-slip motion of the bounding faults, and is located roughly equidistant from the Ma'acama and Bartlett Springs faults, where the internal shear stress is greatest and thus a probable place for fault formation. The objectives of this study are 1) to determine the relative crustal motion across the lineament, 2) to determine if there are any geomorphic expressions of this lineament that are consistent with that of new crack/fault formation from laboratory and field studies 3) to present a unifying model consistent with all observations associated with the seismic activity.”

    HOUSTON, Feb. 19, 1998 -- Research led by Rice University geologists estimates that within 400,000 years a new volcano could erupt in northern California, relatively soon in geologic terms.

    The findings suggest that magma located in chambers about 20 kilometers, or 12 miles, into the earth's crust could rise to the surface in the Lake Pillsbury area, about 120 miles north of San Francisco. I don't think I'll stick around to see that happen. We got a slight whiff of sulfur near the base of the dam, but I couldn't tell if it was from decaying vegetation or from a volcano.

    I thought because Petra had been on some geology trips before she would be an old hand at four wheeling. However that wasn't the case. They would drive to ranch and then get out and walk the trails. No trails to walk at Lake Pillsbury unless you make your own. Because of my legs and back Brandon and Jen had to help be back up to the car. It was about then that I knew my days of hiking in the hills were over. Even walking on a flat surface is just about over.

    My doctor told me with a IQ such as mine and good computer there would be very little that will hold me back in research. He could be right. Still I miss getting out in the hills and mountains and finding things that no one else has ever seen before. Do you know there are places in California were no one has ever seen? I have flown over those areas and there are all kinds of volcanic activity having taken place there. Take Care...Don

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