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    Dream of Jesus’ Tomb

    Betty in Texas
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    Dream of Jesus’ Tomb Empty Dream of Jesus’ Tomb

    Post  Betty in Texas on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 7:01 pm

    As I was first trying to post this dream, it disappeared as if to say, not yet. There is more to be told. I was really upset but sat down and wrote it all out in word and saved it so as not to lose it again. I think that it is a very significant dream.

    Before I tell this dream, I need to say that I was raised a Christian and was quite saturated with religion at an early age. I am not a churchgoer today. I am more of a Universalist, a spiritual person who realizes that there is a much bigger picture than any one single religion presents. There are valuable ideas in most religions but none of them have it down pat. I guess I am more like Luke in Star Wars, “Trust in the Force.”

    I dreamed that I was with the disciples of Jesus in the first century AD. Then, the scene changed to the modern day, and I saw them in modern clothes and in modern jobs. It was as if they had been reincarnated. Then, I saw them all lifted upward toward heaven as if in some kind of a beam. They were totally connected almost like electrically to this upper source of great power.

    The scene changed, and it was near sundown. I sensed I was once again in ancient times. I saw a cave with a giant stone beside it, and I walked into the cave. There was a man to my left dressed in a blue robe. He had a soft, glowing rosy, golden light behind him. I could not see his face well. A brightly lit angel in a white robe was to my right. The man glanced at the angel, and the angel went out of the cave. Then the man said to me, “You should not be here. You need to leave now.” He said more but I do not remember. I am not certain that these are the exact words he said, maybe more like “move on” but I gathered from the intent that this was a place of death and dying and that the present time was at an end…that I was meant to go away from this place of death…not to dwell upon that subject.

    My dreams lately have been very deep, and I forget them the moment I wake up. I know that they have been filled with instruction and are significant, but try as I might, I cannot remember them. That is why this one is important to me. I had also dreamed the night before I had this one about being with the disciples but remember nothing more of that dream. My dreams of this nature always come in threes.

    About 33 years ago, I had a series of three related dreams. The first was about the Tree of Life. The second, my name was written in the Book of Life. In the third one, was about the Lamb of Life. In the final one, the ONE who has always been with me suddenly left me. In the dream, we were in a prison, a deep dark dungeon. There were many people there. It was a dark, dreary forbidding place. But HE had been with me there always, and the love I felt surrounding me was beyond words. I was not afraid as long as he had been there. He told me that he had to leave for awhile but that he would return. I begged him not to go. The prison bars rose up, and he walked out. Then, they came slowly back down. I was holding his hand until the last minute before the bars slid shut. I felt his fingers slip from mine and it was the most agonizing moment of my life. I was really down for many weeks after the dream and do not think I have ever really recovered.

    For all these years I have waited for him to come back. He said he would. He told me and I believed him. I have not felt that intense love since that moment. I have been despondent ever since. I try to pray, try to feel, but it is just not there. I want very much to feel the joy, but to live without that love is the hardest thing a person can face on this earth. That is the one thing that I have learned from this experience. I once knew a kind of love that surpassed all other, and I have been deprived of that feeling for all these years. My heart is empty. It has a throbbing hole in it. I have begged nightly for that feeling to return for all these years but to no avail. I pray all the time, “Come back to me. Give me a reason to believe.”

    I have known in this life what it feels like to be separated from Love, and maybe that is the lesson that I am here to give each of you through this dream. Maybe that is my purpose in Life. Without love there is nothing.

    Now with the dream last night, I know one thing. I have had two dreams. I await the third which in my mind will be the grandest of all dreams. That will be moment when we are once again reunited.

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