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    MInd if I ask you an question?....



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    MInd if I ask you an question?....

    Post  kemokae on Fri 28 May 2010, 7:15 pm

    I had an horenous time tryint to log-on today and I got the message that the reason
    I could not get in... was because there was two other people on the wireless line..
    yet we are supposedly hooked to comcast, my daughter in-law's lap top is wireless...the one of them was an secured line, the other was an "belkin54 g"....and it was un-secured. Why would that stop my logging on if I'm on an cable "comcast" line? I''m rather noive at this stuff and I don't need an technical
    answer, just something gives me some idea what's going on an why. If I am posting and they come in..could this person be the one I call the "intruder"? The signal was
    said to be very weak...and I take both these people to been close to me somehwere and within range.

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    Don't know if this relates to your problem, but...

    Post  LaLuna on Sat 29 May 2010, 8:49 pm

    There's a pretty strong geomagnetic storm going on, and those can have some pretty funky effects on communications. There's speculation that the current storm could take out some satellites and/or power lines. Here's what one friend at another forum just commented:

    "There is one text i've read about one-line telegrams that were operated without any batteries during geomag storms, because mag.field fluctuations were so strong that they induced enough current in the lines to power the equipment!"

    If the coming solar maximum is as strong as some people are predicting, we could be in for some interesting times!

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