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    A Short but Very Loving Message from Mary...


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    A Short but Very Loving Message from Mary...

    Post  Vim/PA on Mon 17 May 2010, 2:29 am

    Just sharing this loving message brought in through sound shaman Norma Gentile.
    Receive as you will.
    Here is the LINK
    I hope everyone is doing well.
    Lots of love,

    Dear Friends,

    Below is a short but very loving message from Mary. I would suggest sitting in heart mediation with the energy behind the words, rather than trying to understand it with the mind.

    And now, the message from Mary, received Saturday eve, May 15, 2010


    from Mary

    The physical form you know as the Earth is changing. Just as your consciousness arises and turns again into the Light of Love, so too does the mind of Gaia feel the warming return of this same Light.

    And she yearns to stretch out her arms in the sweetest embrace of those souls whose presence she again senses. Yet she lies, for the most part, as still as possible, so as to not disturb those who yet slumber upon her.

    Such a welcome homecoming she feels all around her body, and all around the star system in which she moves. Even the plants and animals sense the joy that is stirring within her heart. The pulsation of this same heart races from time to time, hearing the far off yet ever nearing calls of others like herself.

    For just as she laid her consciousness within the Pure Energy of Nature, in order to become your planet, the Earth, so too did a myriad of other beings decide to express themselves into your form as planets, stars, comets and yes, even other solid phenomena.

    And so is it not understandable that the first to awaken are the first to have taken form? And yet these same ones are the very bedrock, literally, of your human world.

    As you pass through this time, the next several months, notice the small nudges, clues and insights you receive. Many of these will be coming not from the heavenly upper dimensional spirit guides. Rather, your physical form is lovingly receiving messages from Gaia's own body, the Earth.


    It is Gaia's active love of other beings which created the atmosphere around the Earth. That atmosphere holds the oxygen and moisture that sustains all life upon her. And with each breath you are reminded of her love for you. With each breath you fill your bodies with the energies of her love for you. And with each breath we feel this love warming and filling our own being, even though we have not form within the Earth at this time.


    Compassion is abundant. Forgiveness is your birthright. Love is your true nature.


    We who travel on the other side travel with you. You are never alone. You are loved beyond words and your deeds are appreciated beyond measure.

    May each of you be so blessed, as you will allow yourself to receive it now.

    -Mary (Magdalene)
    through Norma Gentile
    May 15, 2010

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