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    We are still under the influence of this opposition for the next three months and can take steps to ameliorate health dangers. The energies of Uranus are intense and will combine negatively with Saturn unless we deliberately take possession of and direct the energy into an avenue that will lend itself to our individual benefit. If we do not address these energies, there may be a tendency for them to express via Saturn and crystallize in our bodies, producing disease effects such as arthritis, for Saturn and Uranus are the planets of degenerate disease.

    Saturn creates a chemical imbalance in the body, depresses physical functions and deprives the system of essential vitamins and minerals, causing certain elements in the blood stream - which normally enter into harmless compounds - to crystallize out and become deposited where they do damage. High tension, induced by Uranus, depletes the parathyrin, which must be present to handle calcium and keep the blood stream in chemical balance.

    SOLUTIONS: Calcium, vitamin B-1 and vitamin D are needed to assist the parathyroid glands, along with a variety of mineral salts, vitamins and proteins to overcome any deficiency present.

    Apply Venus energy to your life on a daily basis as it is the planetary antidote for Saturn..socialize, engage in artistic endeavors, visit a museum, dance and enjoy beautiful things. Apply Jupiter energy to your daily life as it is the planetary antidote for something charitable, make a donation to someone in need by giving your time and energy, spend time with a wise friend, engage in prayer.

    Consider taking a natural medicine known as Flower Essences (available in most health stores), a vibrational healing modality that takes effect through treating the individual to work specifically on the emotional/spiritual condition of the person transform negative attitudes into positive ones, to stimulate potential for self-healing and freeing the physical system to engage fully in fighting stress and any disease that may be present. These very pure vibrations interact with the subtle energy system of the person, healing and harmonizing at the spiritual, mental and emotional levels.

    The Flower Essence Walnut is excellent for people in transition. It has proven essential after major career or geographic moves, to help people feel settled and grounded again. It is the essence for times of major life changes; breaking away from old ties and restrictions; also for regrets caused by change - loss of friends and familiar circumstances, ageing, bereavement, etc.

    Those in need of Walnut have definite ideals and ambitions and are keen to move forward in life, but are held back by the influence of a stronger personality, by restrictive circumstances, by family ties or links with the past. Walnut is also appropriate for those giving up an addiction such as smoking.

    The positive potential of Walnut is the ability to move forward, free of the past, and make necessary changes in life, carrying plans through despite discouragement, objections or ridicule from others.

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