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    Answer to Calibabe.... Empty Answer to Calibabe....

    Post  kemokae on Wed 12 May 2010, 5:53 pm

    I just noticed you had sent me an message early Arpil...I'm sorry...I still trying to figure out how to change avatars, and this thing about an chat board...ok.. here's some things I or "we" know about this person following me around and trying to "be" me...mostly their prime objective is to not allow me to communicate with anyone....

    First picked up...Richard Simmons on-line weight loss program..about 10 years ago..
    followed by some local chapter gal that wants to "control" everyone in the PNW I
    think..I left it not renewing my on-line program...until then I never had this problem. Like yahoo...I could never talk to anyone directly to tell them my problems as to the web sites...and this person seems to operate out of Yahoo websites. Recenly in this last month...everytime I go to login in and go to
    Favorites" the "Yahoo websites" is automatically highlighted without me doing an
    thing...I have no idea if this is part of this or's the firs tthing in the Fvorties bookmarks. As of this morning I can not get into my Kingdom of web site because it has the word "newreply" inserted in the addy after Kingdom of Nye....I have been going there daily for months on end now. There is also this "something" going with the name of "Bob" also. Who "Bob" (not Bopp) is I have no idea. So far I have also been besides my two mail servers been denied access to my Genoforum web site and I had been in it maybe 15 years..pretty shortly after they first opened the website up. It had an daily "chatroom" also...or use to. Person in question I think I've talked to on-line, she's (?) very sweet and chock full of disaster for myself, my area, and everyone I know...without an reason for it, other then I get the opinion they are either jealous of me for some reason, but for the most sake simply want to "control" me like an "Master" over an slave type situation. At one time they found this person entering at CHINA, there they went to TEXAS...then to CHICAGO....then to SEATTLE...then to LOS ANGELAS and into POTLAND before coming into my computer...the place they came into China to begin with was where...reember when "Bush's" daughter got married and they had the big quake there in that vicinity. I have an friend whom use to make
    computer boards for businesses...she came in one time...she picked them up and "Hacked' them back, through my mail server..but they only retailiated even worse. She could not get an "fix" on their location either, or an ISPN number...but detected they were there. She said it appeared to her more or less, they were simply reading all my mail and correspondence. Beleive me, I'm not that interesting.
    We thought by going to "Comcast" Cable that would stop hasn't just takes
    them awhile to "adjust" seemingly. I'm on my third computer now also. I have no
    idea if they steal my stuff and re-arrange it or not...only once was I knowingly
    impersonated and that was at Bopp's web site when it first started up. By now they
    most likley belong to every web site that I do. Melinda mentioned that I sent her
    an "hacked" message...but my computer is set up to not send them..or receive them.
    I would guess they had something to do with that also. That was somewhere around Christmas time. Malinda says they are "mean" in earthboppin, maybe they used the website to get to her. They have knocked out so much of my genealogy stuff that it's pathetic. Person in question would make an nice "Laura Bush" type personality that I mean she's just the type you would never think of her doing anything nasty. That's about it...I am linked daily to microsoft people..that's how much interference I have just trying to get logged in daily...daily they send me
    scanning programs and security items...if they pick up anything an pop up comes in to send it to its not that I'm not being watched also. For the most part, they enjoy making me look illiterate or my posts are
    unable to be read efficiently because they are so people won't want to read them for the most part, or can't. Hope that answers you message you sent to me. Wish they would leave me alone. It might be the Federal Government, but I honestly doubt I'm that interesting an person.

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